Continuing upon my last post using landsat-util and animating Landsat scenes - I took a look at path 42 row 34, where Florence and Lake Thomas Edison lie in the Sierra Nevadas of Central California.

I browsed EarthExplorer and copied the scenes I wanted.

path 42 row 34
LC80420342014015LGN00 01-15-14
LC80420342014047LGN00 02-16-14
LC80420342014079LGN00 03-20-14
LC80420342014095LGN00 04-05-14
LC80420342014143LGN00 05-23-14
LC80420342014175LGN00 06-24-14
LC80420342014207LGN00 07-26-14
LC80420342014239LGN00 08-27-14
LC80420342014255LGN00 09-12-14
LC80420342014287LGN00 10-14-14
LC80420342014319LGN00 11-15-14
LC80420342014335LGN00 12-01-14

To download all scenes at once, with landsat-util already installed - run:

landsat download LC80420342014015LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014047LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014079LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014095LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014143LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014175LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014207LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014239LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014255LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014287LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014319LGN00 && landsat download LC80420342014335LGN00

Process them all, takes a while - even longer if you pan-sharpen:

landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/ && landsat process ~/landsat/zip/

You could make those bash scripts and run both like ./ && ./

Next is the clip, label and gif combo. I run these from the processed folder that landsat-util created.

mkdir clip
for i in $(find . -name "*.TIF" -type f)
  dir="$(dirname ${i#./})"
  gdal_translate -projwin -13264761 4497519 -13225720 4470697 -of GTiff $i clip/$dir"-clip.tif"

Of course you’ll want your own clip area. BYO bbox. Bring your own projwin. Maybe you’ll use QGIS like me, if so - be sure to swap the uly & lry coordinates.

mkdir gif
mogrify -format gif clip/*.tif
convert clip/LC80420342014015LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'January' gif/01jan.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014047LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'February' gif/02feb.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014079LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'March' gif/03mar.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014095LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'April' gif/04apr.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014143LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'May' gif/05may.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014175LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'June' gif/06jun.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014207LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'July' gif/07jul.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014239LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'August' gif/08aug.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014255LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'September' gif/09sep.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014287LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'October' gif/10oct.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014319LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'November' gif/11nov.gif
convert clip/LC80420342014335LGN00-clip.gif -fill rgba\(255,255,255,0.6\) -gravity NorthWest -pointsize 65 -annotate +5+5 'December' gif/12dec.gif

gifsicle gif/*.gif > anim.gif
gifsicle --loop=0 --delay=150 --colors 256 gif/*.gif > anim.gif

All together now ./ && ./ && ./ Yes, this could be more efficient but who knows your skill level…you may even want to build your scripts in a spreadsheet.

Bonus: Lake Oroville, California (2014) pansharpened