Hi, it’s been a while. But there’s movement in this little corner of the internet - another few lines in this log. I thought a good excuse to dust off this blog would be to get some ideas “down on paper” for an upcoming holiday letter to friends and family. Plus some coworkers who actually consistently blog have inspired me a bit lately. So, 2018 - here are some highlights:

  • February - Tahoe, CA w/ Sonia & Dauto; Paula’s parents came to visit and we took a trip to South Lake with my sister Megan and her boyfriend Travis. Good times indeed!
  • February/March - Camp Roberts, CA; went to a FX event representing SNI/Fulcrum Community - saw some awesome experiments, as usual.
  • March - Adobe Springs planting; I’ve been getting involved with the ALPS Native Tree Committee after seeing one of their signs near our house. It’s been a great experience participating in their volunteer events and having another excuse to use Fulcrum.
  • April - St. Pete; spring All Hands was pretty crazy with the growth that Spatial Networks is going through. Met a lot of new faces and laid the foundation for some good working relationships.
  • May - San Francisco, CA w/ Pablo & Camila; Paula’s cousins came to visit and they’re some of our favorite people in the universe. We took them to their first SF Giants game - which was very entertaining and the home team walked away with the W.
  • June - Firestone Invitational 🍺
  • June - Seinfeld; Paula and I went to see Jerry - it’s not too often that bigger events come through our small part of the world. Great show!
  • June - Tahoe again; Tony’s bachelor party
  • June/July - World Cup ⚽️
  • July - Beach Season ⛱
  • August - More Beach Season 🏖
  • August/September - Africa; Nairobi, Kenya…Dar es Salaam & Zanzibar, Tanzania for FOSS4G 2018 I had the opportunity to travel to East Africa for work and had a simply wonderful time. The people, food, weather, and culture were all fantastic - only bummer are the long flights!
  • September - Dallas; Tony’s wedding …got to have a 🌮with Ry.
  • October - St. Pete; fall All Hands saw work relationships strengthened even further - and I always enjoy St. Pete/Tampa!
  • November - Firestone Anniversary 🍻
  • December - Three Bridges Oak Preserve work day; remapped, replanted, and refreshed the mitigation plantings near the trailhead.
  • December - here we are!

I’m not going to commit to anything forthcoming - but it was nice to log a few lines again. I imagine I’ve omitted some highlights & I certainly have a whole lot to share since my last post over 2 years ago - like a new job … a new house, some new things I’m trying to learn, and other adventures. But we’ll start with this 👋hope you’re well.